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Sell Diamonds in London, Hatton Garden

Selling your diamonds has never been more simple, simply make an appointment to get our appraisal, or use our request a quote form to receive a free valuation online. If you agree, we deposit the funds immediately while you are still in our office. We offer prices that are unmatched, because we are wholesalers: we both buy and sell, making us able to skip the middle men and save you the costs.
left: valuating a diamond, right: the best payout

Free Appraisals

If you'd like, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to receive your free appraisal from us. With you watching every step of the process your diamond will be inspected flawlessly and its value will be assessed. Once we have completed this swift process we will inform you of the value we calculated for your diamond. Although this is a highly specialized service requiring years of expertise, we offer this for free to any person who wants to sell diamonds. London wholesalers that are able to give you the best possible price is an extremely important thing for us to be, so we operate with small profit margins. You are invited to come over for a free valuation (by appointment only).

Certified Diamond Graders

You can rest assured that the required expertise is more than available to properly assess the value of your diamond, as we are certified diamond graders with diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America, which is considered the best kind of degree to have in diamond grading. We have no place for mistakes and judge the colour, clarity, carat, fluorescence and cut perfectly and to the highest standards.

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Our London Office

Our office is located in Hatton Garden, London and is suited for your convenience. Most importantly, it is very secure with several safety precautions having been taken care of. Our office also has no noise hindrance, so we can conduct our appraisal and speak comfortably together, while offering you the best personal diamond service we possibly can. Should you desire, we also work with deliveries to our office through the Royal Mail.