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About Our Company

Leiser & Co. is a family-owned business. Our family have been offering diamond trade services for more than three generations.

Our story started shortly after the 2nd world war, in Antwerp, which was then largely identified as the Diamond capital of the world. Our expertise has been strengthened and developed over the past 70 years.

This expertise coupled with our personal approach allows us to offer our clients a tailor made and genuine experience.

Leiser & Co. manufactures round and fancy cut diamonds of all sizes, colors and at all levels of clarity. We believe in providing our customers with choice, therefore we produce and stock a variety of diamonds to suite all tastes and budgets while still demanding the very highest standards for each and every stone.

We have earned an outstanding reputation in delivering high quality certified diamonds, from twenty points to over twenty carats, mainly round but also fancy shaped diamonds, to the most discerning customers who require their expectations not only be met – but exceeded. With our large inventory we are able to promptly address the needs of our customers for specific stones, consistently reliable quality and rapid delivery of orders.

Our accolades and values

Since inception, we have firmly believed in recognizing our Corporate Social Responsibility and therefore we sell conflict free diamonds. Leiser & Co. is a member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, one of the most prestigious diamond bourses in the world. Its strict standards for trade and behavior within the industry reflect highly on the ethics of its members.

Over the years, our company has worked very closely with its customers to earn and maintain their respect and loyalty. We meet personally with existing and new customers to become well acquainted with their needs to ensure the high level of service at all times.

Internationally recognized as the benchmark of excellence, when jewellery professionals turn to Leiser & Co., they place their confidence in the company’s unparalleled reputation for quality, honesty and expertise. We reward their commitment by providing memo and free shipping on all of our stones and above all, exceptional service that knows no limit.

Quality, in everything we offer

Leiser & Co. work closely with the very reputable courier service Malca-Amit, they have gained their reputation for superior service in the fast and secure door-to-door delivery and insurance of precious commodities. Malca-Amit now has a global network of offices as well as a dominant market-share of the world´s valuables transport business. Malca-Amit focuses on excellent and flexible service together with efficient delivery and the utmost security.

Additionally, to deliver complete peace of mind, every diamond we offer for sale are evaluated by expert gemologists in order to ensure their quality and certified by the GIA, IGI or HRD laboratories to ensure authenticity of quality.

Our retail business

The company offer a wide range of prices, from casual to their most luxurious line of products. Our decision to launch a line of diamond jewellery was a natural outgrowth of our company’s diamond manufacturing and wholesale activities. We felt that we could offer the consumer an important advantage. By buying jewellery from the diamond manufacturer there is significant price benefit. We offer original designs at very affordable rates..

Leiser & Co. invites you to select your jewellery from a unique collection. Either way, the result is a jewellery which matches you perfectly, and a quality and price no one can compete. Please feel free to take a look around the site. If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.